2017 Crane Lake Sailing Regatta
2:00 PM14:00

2017 Crane Lake Sailing Regatta

Crane Lake Sailing Regatta | August 6 @ 2pm

This year, the Crane Lake Association Sailing Race is planned for Sunday, August 6, 2017 at 2pm in the North End of Crane Lake, with the post-race awards at Fred Nagy's cottage (overlooks the north end)!. Please come on out and show us how sailing is done! Rain date is Monday, August 7th at 11am.

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2017 Crane Lake Regatta
1:00 PM13:00

2017 Crane Lake Regatta

Crane Lake Regatta | August 5th @ 1PM 

The Crane Lake Regatta will be at the Beach of the Crane Lake Resort on August 5th. Registration begins at 12:45pm with kick off of the first races at 1pm. In addition to the Team Fire Pump Relay (teams of 3), races in Front Crawl, Back Crawl, Canoe and Kayak will be run for the following age groups for Boys and Girls: 

  • Under 7 Non-Swimmers
  • Under 7 Swimmers
  • Age 8 - 10
  • Age 11 - 13
  • Age 14 - 17
  • Age 18 - 25
  • Age 25+ 

In addition to bathing suits, sunscreen and your best 'game face', we ask everyone to please bring any extra canoes and kayaks, life jackets and paddles you may have to share so we can run as many racers at once as possible!

See you at the Beach!

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Cottage Succession Seminar - "Keep the 'Family' in Family Cottage"
11:00 AM11:00

Cottage Succession Seminar - "Keep the 'Family' in Family Cottage"

Cottage Succession Seminar - Registration is Required

Email info@foca.on.ca or call (705) 749-3622 to register for your space at the Cottage Succession Event on Crane Lake.

It's not lack of interest, capital gains tax, or other financial pressures that result in most family cottages going up for sale, it's a consequence of friction within the family that arises from sharing ownership and usage.

Join us after the business portion of the AGM for a presentation by Peter Lillico, a lawyer specializing in estate planning who will be speaking on Cottage Succession. Peter has been affiliated with FOCA for many years and his presentations always receive terrific reviews. We are fortunate to have him joining us!

This event is FREE to FOCA members, including all members of the Crane Lake Association and Blackstone Lake Cottagers Association. $10 at the door for non-members.


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2016 Annual Sailing Regatta
2:00 PM14:00

2016 Annual Sailing Regatta

2016 Annual Sailing Regatta | July 31, 2016

Calling all Sailors!

This year, the Crane Lake Association Sailing Race is planned for Sunday, July 31st at 2PM in the Central part of Crane Lake! The proposed course is attached below. I am not aware of the race having ever been held in the central part of the lake, so if it has been it has been quite some time! It should be an interesting one, especially if we get some good wind!

Please come on out and show us how sailing is done!

Rain Date will be Monday August 1st at 11am. 

If you have any questions, fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible! See you on the lake!

Cheers and Good Luck to All!
Steve Neugebauer

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2016 Annual Regatta
2:00 PM14:00

2016 Annual Regatta

2016 Annual Regatta | July 30, 2016

The Annual Regatta returns to Crane Lake! Join us at the beach of the Crane Lake Resort for a day of swimming, canoeing and kayaking before teaming up for the Fire Pump Relay!

Registration starts at 1:45 with the first race at 2pm! All are welcome! See you there!


Swimming, Canoe & Kayak Races

  • Ages 7 & Under (Non-Swimmer)
  • Ages 7 & Under (Swimmer)
  • Ages 8 - 10 
  • Ages 11 - 13
  • Ages 14 - 17
  • Ages 18 - 24
  • Ages 25 + 

Fire Pump Relay

Gather your team of three in this timed challenge to assemble and run the fire pump - and hit that target!

You Can Help!

We are grateful for the generosity of those who continue to bring their kayaks and canoes for all to use in the Regatta! If you are able, please bring your boats, lifejackets, or paddles to help everyone enjoy the Regatta!

Members and Guests

Members of the Crane Lake Association and their families participate for free! If you have not paid your membership this year, we can take payment at Registration on Saturday. 
We love guests at the Regatta! Friends and guests of all ages are invited to join in the fun. There is a minor participation fee for each guest. 

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Public Hearing - Proposed Crane Lake Resort Changes
2:00 PM14:00

Public Hearing - Proposed Crane Lake Resort Changes

Public Hearing July 15 at 2pm - Crane Lake Resort

Recently, the Township of the Archipelago forwarded a proposal regarding potential changes to the Crane Lake Resort property. We have recently learned that changes have been made to the original proposal following concerns already expressed by several property owners on Crane Lake and members of the CLA Board. 

As a follow-up to the original TOA mailing, on June 6th, Ian Mead (Township of the Archipelago Counsellor) emailed all residents on Crane and Blackstone Lakes currently on his email distribution list. For those who have not yet received the original package, we encourage you to visit: http://www.thearchipelago.on.ca/index.php/departments/planning/condo

Public Hearing - Crane Lake Resort Proposal

It is important to recognize that the revised proposal will be presented at the Public Hearing on July 15th, 2016 at Crane Lake Resort, 2PM. This meeting is obviously open to everyone and provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the current proposal and voice any concerns or ask any questions.  

In our communication with the TOA, we have learned that early feedback from local property owners has brought light to a serious concern regarding access to docks and parking. It is our understanding that recent negotiations have been successful between the TOA and Crane Lake Resort, who have now come to an agreement that will reduce the potential loss of docking and parking to water access property owners. We are not yet privy to these recent changes to the proposal and there is still more than a week until the Hearing, so more change is possible yet. But we are confident that the changes have been made to the best interests of the Crane Lake community.

The importance of the continued presence of the Marina to our lake community is clear. This proposed severance will provide Mike's Crane Lake Marina Limited with the opportunity to continue operations and continue to service our community.  

Regardless of recent changes to the proposal, the overall change in the use of the Resort property is significant and the proceedings must be watched closely. True to our mandate, the CLA will be communicating with the TOA on behalf of members, specifically monitoring potential impact to our environment, water quality, and the values identified by the community in our recent Lake Plan.  

CLA Annual General Meeting

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Crane Lake Association Annual General Meeting this Saturday, July 9th, 2016, where this will be a topic of discussion in advance of the Public Hearing. Our AGM is open to the entire Crane Lake community and we hope all will attend. 

The Crane Lake Association is closely monitoring the Resort application and will be in attendance at the Public Hearing on July 15th. This Hearing will provide us with the recent changes to the plans and, we are told, the TOA planners will listen to concerns, if any, and are still able revise the proposal again as may be necessary. While many public hearings may not allow much time for a response, we are told that due to the importance of this particular topic, the TOA will allow time for property owners and interested parties to respond in writing or by phone after the meeting. 

Following the Public Hearing, the Crane Lake Association will be in a far better position to understand, evaluate and, if necessary, respond to the TOA and other parties on behalf of our members. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us atcranelakeassociation@gmail.com.


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2016 Annual General Meeting
10:00 AM10:00

2016 Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting of Crane Lake Association | July 9th - 10am

The Annual General Meeting of the Crane Lake Association will be taking place this Saturday, July 9th, 2016. We encourage all community members and property owners on Crane Lake to join us at the Crane Lake Resort hall at 10am. Our planned Agenda Items for this meeting include (may not be in order of discussion): 

  • Fire Committee Report
  • Guest Speaker - Don Hood, Fire Chief of Seguin Township
  • Guest Speaker - Gary Joice, By-Law Enforcement for Township of Archipelago
  • Minutes of the 2015 AGM
  • Treasurer’s Report / Membership update
  • Water Quality Report
  • Councillor’s Report
  • Proposed Changes to the Crane Lake Resort & Public Hearing (July 15, 2016)
  • Regatta Update
  • Boating Speed & Safety
  • Crane Lake Welcome Binder - Preserving Paradise
  • Election of Board of Directors for 2016 -2017 term

Only members are able to vote at the AGM, however all are welcome! If you haven't renewed your membership yet or if you have never been a member before, please join us - membership information and payment is available at the door. 

Want to be a Board Member? 

The Crane Lake Association has several openings for new Board Members, who will be elected at the Annual General Meeting. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Director, please email us at cranelakeassociation@gmail.com

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