An Open Letter from Crane Lake Resort

An Open Letter from Crane Lake Resort

β€œTo whom it may concern, the following information is intended to clarify the intentions of the resort owner with regard to future operations and development of the existing buildings.

At this time it is our intention to renovate and sell each existing cottage.

This would be on a one cottage, one owner basis, not fractional or timeshare ownership. The advantage of individual ownership is that each owner would have a substantial investment and would therefore be more interested in the common goals of all other cottage owners on this lake.

Values or maintenance fees have not been placed on any cottage. Please do not call for pricing.

The resort will close at the end of the 2014 season and at present there is no intention to re open next year.

Renovation work will start during 2015 and safety issues will prevent normal use of the resort.

As the resort develops the gas and store will be taken over by the marina operator.

The store, gas bar and laundry will be open during the summer season of 2015.

Whatever changes may or may not take place to the resort, Crane Lake Marina operations will continue as normal.

It is the hope of the resort owner to re open the bar and restaurant on a landlord/tenant basis.

Your support and understanding would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Crane Lake Resort Inc.”