Seguin Fire Protection

For many years, the Crane Lake Association has arranged and maintained a Fire Boat and related firefighting equipment on behalf of the property owners of Crane Lake. Over these years, our tireless and dedicated volunteers of the CLA Fire Committee have provided volunteer-based fire support to the community. Despite all of their hard work and long-term commitment to fire safety, these volunteers are limited in their availability to respond and restricted in their knowledge and training on how to fight fire and respond to a rescue call. For some time, the Crane Lake Association has been exploring, on behalf of its members and Crane Lake property owners, the possibility of professional fire support services from a local township. Thanks to ongoing work and partnership with Seguin Township, our community now benefits from a formal fire protection services arrangement. 

Program Details:

An agreement is now in place with Seguin Township, effective April 1, 2015, which confirms that Seguin Township Fire Department will respond to structure ire calls on Crane Lake. This agreement will run for a period of 5 years.

In 2014, Crane Lake property owners were encouraged to participate in vote, facilitated by the Crane Lake Association on the behalf of the Township of the Archipelago. Results were significantly in favour of the new service, with 73% of eligible properties returning a ballot marked ‘Yes’. 219 ballots were mailed out by the TOA with 168 returned. Of these, 160 were marked “Yes”, 8 marked “No”, with the Township considering non-response to be considered a “No” vote.

Following the new agreement, reporting a fire incident has not changed. There are two options:

1. Dial: (705) 751-3473 (FIRE) to reach the TOA’s emergency dispatch company, Northern-911, who will contact Seguin Township Fire Department as well as our own Crane Lake response list.

2. Dial: 9-11 and tell them you are reporting a fire. They will transfer you to Northern-911, who will begin the process above.

The Crane Lake Association greatly appreciates and respects the efforts of the Fire Committee, Council, and all of those who were involved in providing our community with this enhanced fire service! Details about the process related to the Vote for the service can be found below.



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