Transport Canada has published a free Safe Boating Guide which provides an overview of the rules and regulations for recreational boating. This guide is updated each year and copies can be downloaded by clicking here. 

Some of the highlights of this guide include the following:

Pleasure Craft Operator Card: Effective September 15, 2009 all operators of motorized boats must have their Pleasure Craft Operator Card. You can obtain your card by successfully completing the test on-line or at the numerous test locations scheduled throughout the year both in the city and in cottage country.

Speed Limits: While there is no maximum speed for most of our lake, there is maximum speed for a boat travelling within 30 metres (98 feet 5 inches) of shore which is 10 km/hr. This speed limit ensures that swimmers are not endangered and also helps to reduce the damage to shorelines from boat wakes. 

Safety Equipment: In addition to life jackets for each occupant there are a number of other safety items that all boats must have on board at all times. The requirements vary by size and type of boat so refer to the Safe Boating Guide for the specifics for your boats.

Safe Quiet Lakes: Formed in 2011 by representatives of Lake Associations in Central Ontario, Safe Quiet Lakes works collaboratively with community stakeholders to promote safer and quieter lakes. Visit them here

For more information on boating contact the Canadian Coast Guard www.ccg-gcc.gc.ca