The Crane Lake Fire Committee has been working hard over the years to improve the lake’s fire system. Below you will find clips that make up the Crane Lake Fire DVD. Since it was produced, some information has changed.

1. In the event of a fire or emergency, call (705) 751-FIRE (705-751-3473). It is no longer necessary to call individual members of the fire committee.

2. We have a new outboard motor on the boat which is easier to start. To start the engine, you only have to turn the key clockwise. There is no longer a need to choke the engine or adjust the throttle as shown in the video. The key is kept in the ignition.

3. The portable pumps have new couplings which tighten by twisting rather than by pulling on levers that stick out. The hard suction hose – the intake hose which goes in the water – still uses the old-style coupling.