Water Quality

The Crane Lake Association, in partnership with volunteer members on the lake, provide ongoing water testing. The results are shared with members in the newsletters.

Water Quality Do’s and Don’ts

DO – try to eliminate the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Maintain your shoreline with a natural, indigenous vegetation buffer zone. This will help to stem the flow of runoff into the lake and the roots of the plants will absorb the harmful nutrients (phosphates etc.)

DON’T – assume that biodegradable soaps are safe for use in the lake. The organisms required to degrade these products are found in the soil, not the lake, and most products takes weeks if not years to fully degrade even on land.

DO – look for environmentally safe soaps and cleaning products. Most of the grocery stores and hardware stores in Parry Sound carry a number of different brands that reduce the risk of harming our lakes.

DON’T – forget that the fluids that go into your septic system eventually make their way into the lake. Most of our lake has a very thin soil layer over the granite which means pollutants spend little time in the soil before they make their way to the water. Remember to have your septic system professionally pumped, every 2-3 years, depending on usage.

DO – seriously consider retiring your old 2 stroke outboard motors. They discharge fuel directly into the lake which pollutes and reduces their efficiency. The newer models are not only less expensive to operate; they are also quieter which makes conversation much more enjoyable and the neighbours happier!