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2016 Annual Regatta

2016 Annual Regatta | July 30, 2016

The Annual Regatta returns to Crane Lake! Join us at the beach of the Crane Lake Resort for a day of swimming, canoeing and kayaking before teaming up for the Fire Pump Relay!

Registration starts at 1:45 with the first race at 2pm! All are welcome! See you there!


Swimming, Canoe & Kayak Races

  • Ages 7 & Under (Non-Swimmer)
  • Ages 7 & Under (Swimmer)
  • Ages 8 - 10 
  • Ages 11 - 13
  • Ages 14 - 17
  • Ages 18 - 24
  • Ages 25 + 

Fire Pump Relay

Gather your team of three in this timed challenge to assemble and run the fire pump - and hit that target!

You Can Help!

We are grateful for the generosity of those who continue to bring their kayaks and canoes for all to use in the Regatta! If you are able, please bring your boats, lifejackets, or paddles to help everyone enjoy the Regatta!

Members and Guests

Members of the Crane Lake Association and their families participate for free! If you have not paid your membership this year, we can take payment at Registration on Saturday. 
We love guests at the Regatta! Friends and guests of all ages are invited to join in the fun. There is a minor participation fee for each guest.