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2017 Crane Lake Regatta

Crane Lake Regatta | August 5th @ 1PM 

The Crane Lake Regatta will be at the Beach of the Crane Lake Resort on August 5th. Registration begins at 12:45pm with kick off of the first races at 1pm. In addition to the Team Fire Pump Relay (teams of 3), races in Front Crawl, Back Crawl, Canoe and Kayak will be run for the following age groups for Boys and Girls: 

  • Under 7 Non-Swimmers
  • Under 7 Swimmers
  • Age 8 - 10
  • Age 11 - 13
  • Age 14 - 17
  • Age 18 - 25
  • Age 25+ 

In addition to bathing suits, sunscreen and your best 'game face', we ask everyone to please bring any extra canoes and kayaks, life jackets and paddles you may have to share so we can run as many racers at once as possible!

See you at the Beach!