Proposed Bell Tower: Crane Lake & Blackstone

Important Notice: Proposed Cell Tower – Crane/Blackstone Road

Counsellor Ian Mead has recently provided this important update regarding the proposed construction of a 350 foot cell tower on Crane/Blackstone Road. Please read the information below and get in touch with Ian with any questions or concerns at ianm(at)


Attached you will find a draft notice of Bell’s proposed new cell tower on Crane/Blackstone Road. I urge you to read it but here are some key points:

  • Bellis proposing to construct a 350 foot (106 meter) guyed tower on Crane/Blackstone.
  • It will be located about ¾ of a kilometer past Tolpt’s road on the east side.
  • It is on private land and will occupy 5.93 acres. The property will be leased by Bell.
  • It will have lights on it because of the airport close by.
  • For comparison, the hydro towers between it and Crane are about 100 feet tall – no lights.

This notice will be sent out by Bell to all those within 300 meters of the tower. That will only be one or two properties. The Township, as it states in the notice, is a commenting agency only so I have taken it upon myself to notify as many Blackstone/Crane ratepayers as possible through E-mail.

The time window for public comment has not started yet. I will advise you when that happens probably next week.

I need to know where you stand on this so can you please, after reading the notice, tell me where you stand on the proposal – For it?, Not For it?, or otherwise.