Gas on Crane Lake

Mike's Crane Lake Marina Ltd. will provide Gas and Store operations on Crane Lake in 2017!

Many will remember the Gas and Store services which were previously offered by the Crane Lake Resort. Reducing sales and mounting losses incurred through these services, as well as the ongoing planning for construction, resulted in a decision by the Resort not to offer these services in 2017.

Mike and Sue Steele, of Mike's Crane Lake Marina Ltd., after significant research and consultation with neighbours and partners, have decided to 'give it a go' to offer the valuable service of gas on the lake for 2017.

With operational hours to follow, services are to include:
- Gas pumps;
- Marina store with similar products;
- Propane exchange;
- 18L Water jug exchange;

In order to continue to enjoy these services on the Lake, the Crane Lake Association encourages all cottagers to take advantage of the Gas and Store and to support Mike's Crane Lake Marina Ltd.

If Mike & Sue are to take over long-term provision of these services, several high-cost investments are required, such as replacing the gas tanks. They are running 2017 as a test to see if these services are financially viable on a long-term basis. Mr. Ned McLennan has kindly allowed them the use of the store premises and existing gas pumps for the 2017 season to help Mike & Sue with their evaluation.

In addition to the convenience of the store and gas service, these operations benefit the lake in countless ways. Without a formal gas service, spillage from jerry cans during fueling and improper storage can cause significant excess fuel to enter the water. In addition, this fuel would likely no longer be Marine Grade, which is sold currently at the Marina.  

For more information about the Marina or its services, please contact