Neighbourhood Bat Watch

A message from the Willis Bat Lab at the University of Winnipeg ( Neighbourhood Bat Watch – Ontario

The Neighbourhood Bat Watch is looking for bat colonies. If you have bats living in your cabin, house, bat box, garage or anywhere else, we want to hear from you!

Bats are currently threatened by White-nose Syndrome. This disease has killed between 5 and 10 million bats since its discovery in 2006 and it is quickly spreading west across Ontario. Bats play a crucial ecological role by eating night-flying insects.

Members of the public are essential contributors to bat conservation because even common species of bats are difficult to find and, therefore, difficult to protect. Please visit the Neighbourhood Batwatch website ( to report a colony.

For more information, please visit or email

Thank you for your time and enjoy your summer!

Kaleigh Norquay,
Research Coordinator, Willis Bat Lab (,University of Winnipeg