Crane Lake Shoreline Assessment

Love Your Lake - Shoreline Assessment

In the summer of 2015, the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve conducted a shoreline analysis of Crane Lake as part of the "Love Your Lake" program.  Each property owner received a Love Your Lake "report card" by mail with access online for a digital copy as well. 

These report cards included a shoreline assessment of the property, and shared with owners suggestions about actions to be taken to improve shorelines and help preserve our water quality. 

A summary document is now available for Crane Lake as a whole. We hope you will all take some time to read the document below and learn more about how to preserve the lake we love!  Thanks to Ian Mead for circulating 

Love Your Lake Program

Love Your Lake is a packaged shoreline evaluation and stewardship program used throughout Canada. The program was developed by Watersheds Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Federation to be delivered by existing, local organizations such as the GBBR. Lakes are assessed on a property-to-property basis from a boat and each shoreline landowner receives access to an individualized property report. The reports have information about the state of the shoreline on the property as well as suggested voluntary actions for improvement. These are simple suggestions to help protect and enhance shorelines and lake health. 

The results of the 2015 Love Your Lake surveys on Crane Lake are available. Visit to download your report with your Survey Code. If you did not receive your Survey Code, email and they will assist. 

Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve

The Crane Lake Association is a member of the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve (GBBR). Designated by UNESCO in 2004, the GBBR is an area of 347,000 hectares that stretches 200km along the eastern cost from Port Severn to the French River, in the world's largest freshwater archipelago, known as the 30,000 islands. The GBBR creates a forum for cooperation and operates through community partnerships with a focus on protecting the environment, creating vibrant communities, and building a healthy economy. 

The GBBR is very active in our area and has partnered with the Crane Lake Association on multiple occasions. Most recently, they held an activity day for kids during our Annual General Meeting! 

Visit to learn more about the GBBR and their work in our area.