Spring 2016 Water Update

Spring 2016 Water Update

From Councilor Ian Mead and Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry


Water levels are high now, with upwards of 53mm of rain over the last day. The dam at Crane Lake is wide open. Cool temperatures are expected over the next week with no rain and the possibility of some flurries. There is limited snow in the bush in the Crane Lake area, with most places already showing bare ground. Staff from the MNRF will be doing a surveillance tour over the weekend to keep an eye on dam structures and to look for debris build up. Crane is just over an inch over the wing wall, which is not quite top of normal operating zone.

In emergencies, please call the OPP at 911 and for flood information, a hotline is available at (705) 646-5531 for inquiries servicing the entire Parry Sound district.

The link above is a daily Water Conditions update from the MNR sent to emergency managers in the Archipelago.