Total Fire Ban

We are in a Total Fire Ban situation. During a Total Fire Ban, there is absolutely no open burning and fireworks are completely prohibited, even on those days where fireworks are ordinarily permitted. 

These Total Fire Bans are extremely important and everyone on Crane Lake must cooperate to ensure that we avoid forest fires. We hope that all those who may be unaware of the ban would be agreeable to extinguishing their fire if approached by one of our community. However, if you come across anyone burning who is unwilling to extinguish during the ban, please call (705) 746-4243 x 325 - this is the Township's bylaw enforcement number. At his request, please also email our counsellor, Ian Mead at 

If a fire is started by fireworks or other open burning and the Seguin Fire Department is called to put it out, the person(s) that caused the fire during a Total Fire Bany will be charged the cost of Seguin's response. Not cheap!

Let's all do our part to protect our forest and cottages! No burning until further notice from the TOA! The current Fire Hazard Rating can be found at the Township website: